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Welcome to a new era of cybersecurity, beyond traditional MDR services.
Our Threat Hunting is not just a service; it’s a dedicated team you can call your own.
We’ve redefined security, making it accessible for any budget.


In the everyday business landscape, preventive measures like antivirus and firewalls are essential. However, not everything is preventable. Cyber threats, whether through vulnerabilities, malware, or phishing expeditions, can find their way into your network.


Our Expert Threat Hunting team provides 24×7 monitoring of your network, actively hunting for threats that bypass typical barriers. We understand your business practices, enabling us to isolate suspicious events and proactively prevent issues before they escalate.


  • Utilizing LogWarden®, our Expert Threat Hunters evaluate information, eliminating false positives and alerting you to significant threats.
  • Our Threat Hunting Service incorporates Threat Intelligence Feeds, Skilled Threat Analysts, and insights from threats across all our customers.


When our Expert Threat Hunters discover an issue, our Response Team takes swift action. From Incident Response to vCISO, Historical Data Analysis, and Risk Management, we provide solutions within minutes.

Enhance Security without Adding Headcount

Expanding your IT team doesn’t require hiring new employees. Threat Hunting allows you to add security expertise seamlessly, addressing challenges without the need for additional manpower.

Elevate your defense strategy, proactively prevent problems, and secure your company with Threat Hunting. Affordable, effective, and tailored to fit any budget, we’re here to safeguard your business in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

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