About us

ThreatHunter.ai is committed to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity. Our mission is to provide intelligent, automated solutions that empower businesses to protect their digital assets in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

At ThreatHunter.ai, we’re more than just a cybersecurity firm – we’re your digital bodyguard on steroids. Led by CEO James McMurry, a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we specialize in advanced threat detection and response, leveraging AI and machine learning to combat cyber threats.

What Sets Us Apart

With seventeen years of experience, our genius-level human hunters and our Argos platform, so advanced it makes a smartphone look like a potato, we’re at the forefront of cybersecurity. We specialize in threat hunting, managed detection, and response services, ensuring unparalleled protection for your organization.

Always Ready, Always There

Our motto, “Always Ready, Always There,” reflects our commitment to maintaining continuous alertness and constant presence in the face of cybersecurity threats. Our tools, technologies, and expert Threat Hunters are primed to identify and counter threats before they materialize into attacks, ensuring your digital assets are protected 24/7.

Discover the Difference

Don’t miss the opportunity to safeguard your organization with ThreatHunter.ai. Learn about our unique approach, explore our cutting-edge solutions, and discover how we can empower your business to stay ahead of cyber threats.


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With ThreatHunter.ai, you can trust that you’re in safe hands – because when it comes to cybersecurity, we’re always ready and always there.