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Welcome to SECRET EYES by – your personalized gateway to live threat intelligence, tailored exclusively to your organization’s needs.


SECRET EYES offers a dynamic threat feed of intelligence, delivering specific and unique insights to each customer. With features such as Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) alerts, and other real-time intelligence, businesses gain an essential supplement to their existing cybersecurity measures.

Tailored Intelligence:

Access live threat intelligence customized to your organization, including IOCs, TTPs, CISA alerts, and more, providing unparalleled protection against cyber attacks.

Scalable Solutions:

Designed to scale with your organization’s needs, SECRET EYES allows businesses to add additional services as their cybersecurity requirements evolve.

Expert Guidance:

Gain access to a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts who can assist in managing potential cyber threats and developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy tailored to your organization.

customized cybersecurity

Key features of EXTRA EYES:

24/7 Monitoring:

Our team ensures round-the-clock monitoring of your network activity, including Active Directory logs, endpoint security logs, and other critical data sources, providing real-time insights into potential security breaches.

Unlimited Sources:

Monitor an unlimited number of data sources, providing comprehensive coverage across your entire network infrastructure.

Unlimited Raw Storage:

Store vast amounts of raw data for analysis and forensic investigation, ensuring data availability for the duration of the contract.

About Ptolemy

Ptolemy is our Threat Intelligence Aggregation System, meticulously engineered to gather, organize, and prioritize threat reports from a myriad of sources. From paid subscriptions to free repositories, Ptolemy aggregates data including IPs, URLs, Application Hashes, Virus & Malware Alerts, and more. This wealth of data is then utilized to enrich the threat intelligence gathered from our customers, enhancing the efficacy of our cybersecurity solutions.


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