Threat Hunting

Beyond MDR Services. Not just a service but a Threat Hunting team you can call your own. We changed the way you think about security and made it affordable for any budget.

Computer use is a part of every day business, and most businesses have learned that preventative measures are necessary and have adopted things like antivirus, firewalls, etc. Unfortunately, not everything is preventable.

Lately it seems that more often than not a hacker will find access into your network, whether it is through a vulnerability, malware, or a well worded phishing expedition.

The best defense to this is active monitoring and incident response.


Our Expert Threat Hunting team will constantly watch over source groups* in your network, actively hunting for threats that were able to bypass the typical barriers to a network.

Get continuous 24×7 monitoring of your network

Our Threat Hunting teams learn what your normal business practices are and will know when to isolate events that look suspicious

Discover many of the events that lead up to a threat so we can help you proactively prevent problems before they are problems

*Examples of Source Groups include but are not limited to:

  • Pair of active/passive firewalls
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Active Directory (500 users)
  • Network Access Controls
  • DLP Software/Toolset
  • Antivirus/EDR
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Office 365
  • Web Filters


Our team of Expert Threat Hunters actively evaluates information gathered by our LogWarden®, weeding out false positives other systems may be sending, and alerting you when we discover something that needs more attention. Threat Hunting Service utilizes:

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Highly Skilled Threat Analysts

Discovered threats across all of our customers to enhance our active threat monitoring for you


As soon as our Expert Threat Hunters discover an issue, we take action. In minutes our Response Team can have a wealth of data and expertise at your disposal to answer questions and provide solutions.

Our Response Services include (but are not limited to):

Incident Response


Historical Data Analysis


Our Team works directly with yours to:

Evaluate the threat

Mitigate Exposure

Establish a solution to make your company safe

Add Security Expertise without adding Headcount

Adding new security solutions can come with many challenges including the need for trained employees as well as enough manpower for continued administration of the new solutions.

The Threat Hunting team allows you to expand your IT team without having to take on new employees.