Argos Platform

Welcome to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation with’s Argos Platform. Unlike traditional SIEM solutions, our platform is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to tackle the dynamic challenges of modern cybersecurity head-on.

Transform Your Cybersecurity with Argos Platform®

Streamlined Data Collection:

Harness the power of Argos Platform® to capture and transmit your data with unmatched efficiency and security. Our advanced compression techniques minimize bandwidth usage while maximizing speed, making it ideal for organizations with widespread locations.

Sophisticated Processing & Enhancement:

Experience cutting-edge data processing with our proprietary Haystack technology. Each piece of data is meticulously processed and enhanced, readying it for our expert Threat Hunters who ensure accuracy by eliminating false positives and escalating genuine threats based on your customized policies.

Proactive Threat Hunting:

Argos doesn’t just monitor; it actively hunts threats. Our analysts employ AI-powered tools like Norbert and Ptolemy to detect anomalies and patterns, ensuring you stay ahead of cyber threats. Our integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams keeps you informed at every step.

Empower Your Decisions with Our Customer Portal:

Stay in control with our comprehensive Customer Portal. Access everything from Playbooks to Active Investigations, ensuring you have all you need to steer your cybersecurity in the right direction.

Daily Investigation Targets Pinpointed


Realtime Intelligence Artifacts

Over 1 Million

data ingested daily

2.6+ TB

Why Choose Argos?

Real-time Threat Detection:

Stay ahead with our AI-driven insights.

Customizable Solutions:

Tailored services that grow with you.

Expert Analysis:

Our SOC team’s hands-on approach to securing your systems.


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