4 Reasons Why You Need MDR, Right Now!

With Russia and Ukraine plastered all over every media outlet recently, I was taking some time to reflect on what this meant for organizations. There is a lot of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD as we like to call it) running rampant through the minds of leaders who are desperately trying to keep their organizations protected from threats.

The truth is, it’s pretty simple when you boil it all down. There are a few crucial ideas to think about when protecting your IT and OT environments – whether they are within your office or in the cloud:

  1. Mean Time To Detect
  2. Mean Time To Alert / Notify
  3. Mean Time To Respond
  4. Mean Time To Mitigate / Stop

If you were attacked, how fast would you be able to detect it? Hours? Days?… Weeks?

According to the latest IBM Cost of Data Breach Report, in 2021, the average time to identify or detect a breach was 212 days. To put that in perspective, that’s approximately 7 months. Months!

After you detect it, how long would it take for you to notify your team and ask for them to respond? More importantly, do you know who you would call first? Second?

How long would it take for your team to actually respond to the event? Do you have all the information? Are you ready, meaning, do you have the tools needed and are you able to connect to the systems/networks?

And of course the last thing, how long would it take to mitigate or stop the attack?

According to the same IBM report, the average time to contain a breach is an additional 75 days. That means from onset of incident until it is contained took, on average, 287 days or nearly 9.5 months.

These are all crucial ideas to ponder and questions to answer. Certainly, with most environments, your IT and Security teams don’t personally work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sure, you might have someone on call, but they are not truly engaged until they are notified of an issue.

The team at Milton Security can assist you in all of these areas, with the biggest impacts being the Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time To Alert. We keep a watchful eye over your network 24/7/365, correlating events across different sources to ensure that suspicious activity is detected quickly and your team is alerted.

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