A Reflection on Milton/Threathunter.ai – Thoughts from our CEO

I want to share something I sent internally today to everyone at Milton/ThreatHunter.ai. I think we all forget to be proud of our accomplishments, in every part of our life. I am so proud of what everyone has done at ThreatHunter.ai has done, and I want them to be proud of it, they have built something from scratch, that they all part own, that no other firm out there has done. We are that scrappy firm that truly cares about others.

I had an interesting executive team meeting this morning, and I may have gone off on a tangent a little bit.

The tangent is about our real worth at Milton/ThreatHunter.ai. All of us here at TH are very very passionate in what we do, and how we do it, but we don’t relay that excitement and purpose to the world. Some of us (myself included) even keep that bottled up inside for fear of being “that kind of person” who is always too bubbly or over bearing.

But I think, we have so much at Milton/TH to be proud of. We the elite few, have built something that all of our indirect and direct competitors don’t have truly. We have built a huge complex system that ingests a tremendous amount of telemetry every hour of every day from hundreds of customers. We correlate and analyze everything we do receive, and our elite human threat hunters dig in and hunt and explore. When we find bad things, we notify immediately, we call, we email, we stay around to make sure the customer has mitigated (or we did it for them), we are not a log repository, we are not a SIEM in the traditional sense.

We built all of this, we manage it, we nurture it. We invite others (our awesome VP of Sales Evan’s team does this) to send us their telemetry (our cool COO/I&D executive Eric manages this) so we can help them as well.

We have done all of this, from scratch.

With an Engineering VP (Brennan) and CTO (Ethan) who think of, create, build a platform that does some wild and crazy cool things.

Our Threat Hunting team (led by Josh S.) and our CSO (Josh M.) who help the entire elite threat hunters we have across the US.

Our Threat Hunters, who actually dig into everything, work all hours, and want to protect our customers.

We do this every minute of every day, 365 days a year.

We are not an MDR, XDR, MSP, MSSP, but we have components from each, and a lot more. We truly go above and beyond for every customer, something that is not recognized often enough.

We should be proud of what we have accomplished here so far.

The entire world doesn’t know of us, we are truly a unique firm that gives out the CEO’s cell phone to every customer.

Please be proud of what you have done here, what we all have accomplished here, and what we can accomplish as we move into the next 12-18 months and all the exciting potential there is with our AI/ML platform, our next-gen MACE, and our huge platform changes.

Thank you to everyone for everything you have done and continue to do !