Let’s talk about SOC baby, let’s talk about you and me

Over the past 10 years that we’ve grown Milton Security, our strategy has always been to assist our clients in mitigating risk, securing their assets and to go above & beyond expectations.

We have learned a lot over this time period. The single most recurring theme we’ve seen is one of resource constraints including; budget, people, and time when it comes to deployment, management and monitoring of new systems.

When it comes to risk mitigation proper resources are key to success. When considering the implementation of Security controls, organizations must consider the resources required to tune, monitor and respond to the risk indicators that they output whether that be an alert, an email, an action that should be taken.

The challenges facing our security and infrastructure teams are tough; budgets, knowledge, resources, are always being questioned. Milton Security realized we need to help our customers remove these challenges. We are now simplifying the implementation of security controls including our award winning NAC solution by removing resource constraints. We take care of the intricacies by wrapping procurement, implementation and management into a streamlined managed service. Then combined with our industry leading experience we can partner with you to get back to focusing on threat mitigation. Milton Security can leverage all of the point solution products within your environment. We can integrate all of this data from other sources (USBInformer®, AV, Malware, WireShark, AD, FW, DNS, Vision, IoC, etc.) and use the EdgeWall® (NAC) to make better decisions on what each endpoint device is allowed to do at any given time.

This is something we excel at. We have the knowledge, and the background. Most organizations when they approach NAC get overwhelmed very quickly in the depth and breadth at what the EdgeWall® can do.

Our industry experience in the design, development and deployment of NAC solutions has led to the natural organic growth of the offering. In addition to our standard hardware offering we are now reducing the path to adoption by offering a fully managed solution from implementation to security response and monitoring. You can now sign up as a Security Operations Center (SOC) customer and receive the EdgeWall® (NAC) and the new SOCBOX appliances for free. We do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

You can read the press release here, and more information about our offerings here.

Milton is now offering the next generation of distributed Security Operations Centers, to help our customers address their individual security challenges. We have the knowledge and the background to help in mitigating threats in real time, at a lower cost to our customers.

A special thank you to my team for working hard and putting in the extra effort required to get our new Security Operations Center up and running the past 4 months. Milton Security is much more than just another security firm, we are a family above all else with one common core quality, wanting to help your company be secure and safe.

Jim McMurry