Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt – Oh My!

Welcome back!

There’s been a lot going on in the cybersecurity / Infosec world over the last couple of months. Every day on the news we hear about new ransomware targets, 0-day exploits in the wild (like the PrintNightmare and Kaseya exploits) and other malicious activity from nation-states and groups that are taking advantage of people and organizations.

This makes for a high level of fear, uncertainty, and doubt – FUD as we like to refer to it here at Milton. Because of this, we often get asked how we stay so calm and how we keep up with all of the new vulnerabilities that seem like they are flooding the media, so today, we’ll dive into that a bit.

First, we are the protectors of your brand. We stay calm because keeping your network safe and secure is our highest priority. Much like a trauma surgeon in the face of a disaster, we are able to remain calm, assess the situation, and take actions because we have been trained to do so. Our decades of experience and training within our team and our SOC have created muscle memory so that we know exactly what to do in a given situation so that you have peace of mind knowing that Milton’s got your six.

When it comes to keeping up with the scary things in the news, that’s where our 1MC-Labs, AI / ML, and hunt teams come into play.

1MC-Labs is our counter-intelligence team. They locate, identify, research, and disseminate relevant and timely Cyber Threat Intelligence. Additionally, 1MC-Labs develops the technical solutions to automate portions of The Hunt, including The Haystack. This data is then fed into our AI / ML platform so that it can create instant alerts for any activity that might look suspicious. Our Threat Hunters are the boots on the ground. They also read and research the vulnerabilities so that we can visually identify the activity and determine if it is an actual threat or a false positive.

The point is, between our proprietary algorithms and our experienced humans, we have an entire team that is looking out for your brand. And when we say “Your brand” we encompass the whole shabang – customers, partners, employees, and your organization’s sensitive data – all of it. So if you’re worried about all the malicious activity that you hear on the news and social networks, let Milton bring some peace of mind to a chaotic situation.

We are the protectors of your brand. We’re Milton Security. Obviously we take it seriously.

Stay safe!