Do you work with [insert preferred tool here]?

Welcome to week 4 of our Q&A!

Today we are going to discuss a question we get often. This one stems from an industry that has trained everyone to consider limited scopes.

The question is: “Do you work with ?”

For many providers, your question is met with a “No, But….” or a list of “integrations” they do support; or the worst one to me is “Yes, if you [spend your time and money to integrate it yourself with the] use of .”

Our standard answer is “Yes”.

If it’s able to generate logs, we can do it. We are always frustrated when we find a service we like but it just doesn’t integrate with another product or service we adore. So when it came to our services, we took these limited integrations and generic self driven integrations off the table.

Seems like a short one doesn’t it. Well there is a bit more to it than that. The reason we immediately say yes is because by limiting our integrations we not only lose visibility into something potentially important, but it also puts stress on the security program of our company. Now your company has to decide, do they stick with what integrates, or what they feel is the best solution for their business and can afford? So even if we have not ever used a specific product before, we have created our collectors to have the flexibility to adapt to any solution. We’ll work to fit you, not the other way around. To continue this flexibility, our platform engineers have assembled a pipeline that is able to map fields from any source, in any format, to the right spots for us to monitor the information we need.

We feel that limiting our integration points limits the overall visibility for our services. Our goal is to help you correlate as much data as possible to paint the best possible picture of what’s happening.

Shoot us a note to find out what we can do for your non-standard technology that needs to be monitored.