It’s Our Birthday

This month marks another birthday for Milton Security. While we’ve come across many black cats and can’t count the number of times we’ve debated walking under or around the ladder, this is one we couldn’t avoid. We’re turning 13.

As you are probably keenly aware, we do love a challenge. Back when I came home and leisurely told my wife, Gosia, we would be starting a Cyber Security company, our country and the world were at the beginning of what would be one of the largest economic downturns in history.
Between 2007 and 2009, the global economic system would experience unprecedented turmoil, and of course, I had decided to bootstrap a company.

Being proactive is part of our DNA but so is the City of Fullerton, CA. After outgrowing our home office we have moved offices between 5 and 7 times, while staying loyal to our hometown. It is here that we thrive. Yes, the exact number is fervently debated which we’ll chalk up to continuously challenging ourselves. The moves have always been driven by growth and an innate desire to serve our customers the best we can. Just recently we added a Las Vegas office to our inventory and it is highly likely that our HQ will move again, within Fullerton of course!

I started Milton Security with one single purpose: to make security affordable to any organization, independent of size, budget, or security maturity. Affordability isn’t just a matter of price tag. The value of security depends on many factors such as business focus, capacity, security maturity, etc. How we operate has to align with what our customers do and how they operate. Only then can we deliver the value you expect from us. Back in 2007, MSSPs were a dime a dozen and I felt a lot of frustration among buyers. I was confident that there was a way to keep promises, deliver value, and improve customers’ security posture. This was what Milton Security would do.

And did we? Allow me to take some time for self-reflection. After 13 years, it is time.

Building Milton Security has allowed me to meet so many amazing people around the globe. Some friendships were short lived, while others have developed into forever friends. All of them have helped me, and Milton Security, grow on every possible level. I couldn’t be more grateful for the support I have received, personally and professionally, from our friends, our customers, and our industry colleagues.

I have a senior staff that, by what is seemingly nothing more than sheer luck, is almost literally cut from the same cloth. Apart from being friends, we are also all playing for the same team with one common goal. Sure, we don’t always see eye to eye. We challenge each other. We get upset with each other. It’s all fine. In the end, we are all in this together. Ethan Coulter, Josh Myers, Evan Tremper, Brennan Ashurst, Vince Skinner and Josh Sokolowski. This also goes for the wider Milton Team : PE, SOC, IR, Sales, Infrastructure, Office, I&D. Because of each of you, we are where we are. The whole Milton Team has always been willing to take risks and chances to help our customers. Thank you.

I have never desired to run Milton Security as a Marketing First organization. Our vision has always been very simple : We do what we say, and we say what we do. I strongly believe that this has allowed us to develop a service portfolio that we can talk about with pride and conviction. Over the past 13 years we have set goals and obliterated milestones (you can’t spell milestone without Milton! MiltonStone !). Whether it was getting the company on the rails, developing our SOC service into a 24/7 in country offering, scaling up to ingest billions of events per day, investing in and hiring veterans, or picking up the gloves many customers have thrown at us, we did it. All while keeping true to ourselves : we keep our value high and our costs low. We create targeted actionable data for our customers, who are all part of our Milton Family.

Today the world, our country, and our economy are facing another crisis. One that cuts even deeper, in so many ways. We worry about our families, our co-workers, our friends, and their loved ones. We’re just starting to observe the real repercussions of COVID19 across the world.

When I look at our Milton Security team, I am sensing the same spirit that possessed me back in 2007, during the economic crisis. This company has become a force multiplier second to none. While we’re all looking out for our families, we’re also looking out for each other, and continue to deliver value to our customers. We can, because Milton can.

13 years ago, I had no idea where I would be today but looking back it doesn’t look like a bad number at all. While we would’ve loved to celebrate together with you in person, it doesn’t look like that will be possible in the near future.

Instead, those of us that are off duty will raise a glass to ourselves, to you, and to the whole Milton Family.

Happy Anniversary/Birthday to my whole Milton Security Team !

We are ready for another 13 and can’t wait to reveal what we will do next! (it will blow your mind!)

James McMurry / whiskeyhacker